Reykjavík Center Map

Layout & UI Design

2010 — 2011

These last two years I've had the honor of working with my good friends at Borgarmynd on their fantastic map of downtown Reykjavík. Since we started working on this map it has found it's way to the World Expo in Shanghai in 2010, as well as being a part of the official press kit for the city of Reykjavík.

Jói De Vivre



The talented photographer and designer Jói Kjartans asked a few of his friends to design a poster for the release party of his book, Jói De Vivre. The poster had to be based on a specific photograph of his chest. I took a lo-fi 8-bit approach to it.

Menningarnótt 2011

Identity & Web Design

2010 — 2011

We designed a flexible identity that will take on a theme every year. We also developed an interactive system to pick your favourites out of over 400 events going on that day.

You can visit the site for the 2011 Culture night at

Menningarnótt means "Culture Night", and is a day full of art, music and events held in August every year. Around 100,000 people find their way to downtown Reykjavík for it.
Done in collaboration with Borgarmynd, Brian Suda and Marandros.

Top NGOs

Consultancy & Branding


A project I did with a team at Soup (now known as Future Partners). We were invited by the Chao Foundation to Beijing, to build a brand around a new program called the Top NGOs Program.

Josef Homage

Tribute poster


A poster made in the style of Swiss designer Josef Müller-Brockmann, for a concert with Benni Hemm Hemm & The Icelandic Orchestra. I created a graphic symbol for every istrument and portrayed the band as it would be set up on stage.

Get Rich Slow

Project M Workshop


The result of a bizarre yet rewarding thought process during Project M: Frankfurt. A group of young designers rebranded old fountains in Frankfurt as wishing wells. Last time someone checked for us, three of them were still marked as such. More information about the process at




Poster suggestion for Ambra, a performance by the Icelandic Dance Company. Photo illustration & typography.

A school project at the Iceland Academy of the Arts.


Display typeface


Typeface designed after geometry research in the course “Holy Geometry” at the Iceland Academy of the Arts.

Nominated for the FÍT Design Awards 2009, Student Category.


Class yearbook


Læknaneminn is an annual publication for the students of medicine at the University of Iceland, with insight into life at the school as well as articles about the profession.

I created the layout, design and infographics.

Various Logos

Logo design


Various logos and logo suggestions from the past 5 years.

Project M

Design Activism


Viral videos designed to promote the Project M 48 Hour Blitz online. Whole project was done in one day, from idea to editing and logo design.

Cooperation with Marandros and Anna Rakel Róbertsdóttir Glad.

Open Day



Coloring and typography for the Open Day poster at the Iceland Academy of the Arts 2008. Drawing by Myrra Rós.

The Enlightenment



Poster for “The Enlightenment” — a monologue by Snæbjörn Brynjarsson, directed by Árni Kristjánsson.

Skólablað MR 08-09

School yearbook


The 2009 Yearbook for Menntaskólinn í Reykjavík, which is the country's oldest college.

Design, layout and photoediting, in collaboration with Arnór Bogason.

Living Art Museum



Co-management of a poster exhibition at the Living Art Museum in Reykjavík, and the design of a promotional poster. This poster is now in the posession of the Living Art Museum as a part of it's poster collection.

Airwaves staff print

Silkscreen print


T-shirt silkscreen design for the staff at the Iceland Airwaves 2007. The T-shirts were printed at The Naked Ape.

Mæna 2010

Logo & Cover


Suggestions for a logo and cover for a publication by the Iceland Academy of the Arts about graphic design. The logo spells out "mæna" in solid black stripes. This is probably the favourite logo that I've made.

Goodbye Bergen

Poster & Illustration


A poster promoting my farewell party before moving to Berlin for an exchange semester at Universität der Künste Berlin.